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How to create a quality ad

How to create a quality ad


Apr 30, 2024

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Are you looking for the simplest way to efficiently handle home repairs or find a service provider?
At Postaj you can do it quickly and easily! Here's how you can create a quality ad that will help you find the right service provider.

1. Describe in detail what you need
The key to a quality ad is in the details. When posting a job, make sure to clearly describe what you need. This helps service providers to more accurately assess the work and costs, ensuring you get exactly what you expect.

2. Choose the right type of services
The application offers you the option of emergency intervention and standard work. If your request is not really urgent, do not tag it as such. Not only is it fairer, but you avoid possible additional costs that the service provider might charge for emergency visits.

3. Attach high-quality photos
Photos can say a lot about the problem. When sending a picture of a fault, pay attention to good lighting and that the object is clearly visible. Avoid filters – it's important for the service provider to see the actual condition of things in order to assess the situation better.

Why use Postay?
Aside from being able to quickly get to reliable service providers, paying through the app offers you additional security and the possibility of using discounts. All transactions are transparent, and you control the process from start to finish.

For any additional information or help, our team is always ready to assist.
Enjoy using Postaj and forget about stressful home repairs!

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