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Discounts in the Postay app

Discounts in the Postay app


Apr 25, 2024

Discounts in the Postaj app

At Postaj you can always find great discounts for different types of work!
We have enabled you to save money easily while organizing the necessary work at your home or business.

Every week, and sometimes longer, there are various discounts active for specific services. To take advantage of the discount, it is enough to choose the desired discount and post an ad while the discount is active.
The great thing is that the discount will be applied to your job even if the work is carried out after the discount ends, it is only important that the ad is posted during the discount period.

It is important to remember that you can only use the discount if you pay by card through our application. If you pay in cash or directly to the service provider, unfortunately, you will not be able to use the discount.

The discount amount depends on the promotion.

Don't forget to use our referral discount too! Share the app with friends, and when your friend requests a service for the first time and pays for it through the app, both of you get additional benefits.

Remember, the right service provider for your needs is at Postaj.

Post your ad, take advantage of discounts, and enjoy quality work done!

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