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What is drywalling

Sep 28, 2023

Dry construction

What is drywalling

Sep 28, 2023

Dry construction

Dry construction


Dry construction is a method of building that is based on the use of dry materials and dry connections instead of traditional wet methods. Instead of using a mixture of water and concrete, dry construction relies on dry elements such as gypsum boards, wood fiber panels, metal structures, and other dry materials.

Why dry construction? 

The question arises why we should be interested in dry construction at all?

Here are a few reasons:

Faster construction time:

Dry construction is faster than traditional construction methods because there is no need to dry concrete or other wet materials. Dry elements are simply assembled and fastened, which speeds up the construction process. Did you know that a house can be built with dry construction in 1/3 of the time needed for traditional construction?

Less waste:

Dry construction is more environmentally friendly because it produces less waste. Dry elements are produced to specifications, which means less cutting, breaking, and disposal of unnecessary material. Did you know that the construction process of an average house using dry construction method produces 80% less waste than a house built with traditional methods?


Greater flexibility and adaptability:

Drywall allows for greater flexibility and adaptability in design. Dry elements can be easily modified, moved, or replaced without major interventions, which enables simple modifications or repurposing of space.

Better sound and thermal insulation:

Dry elements often have excellent sound and thermal insulation characteristics. Gypsum boards, for example, can provide good sound insulation between rooms, while panels made of wood fibers can boast excellent thermal insulation. Did you know that the sound insulation of drywall construction is so good that you can sing in the bathroom without anyone hearing your secret concert in the shower? :)


Drywall construction can be more economical compared to traditional building methods. The costs of materials, labor, and construction time can be lower, which makes drywall an attractive option.


Drywall is a modern, environmentally friendly, and practical method of construction. Faster construction, less waste, greater flexibility, and better insulation are just some of the reasons why drywall is becoming increasingly popular.

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